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We at Stoneage Arts believe that if anyone has any
weakness, make it your duty to fill that gap. To speak
about someone's weakness, is not greatness.
The greatness lies in removing that weakness.
We support these foundations that do great
work in areas that are dear to our heart.
To Serve and facilitate lasting change
within struggling communities of the world;
focused on providing basic educational,
medical and resource support, a clean
evironment and nourishment for children;
to allow access to struggling communities to,
better prepare children for a life of learning,
opportunity and growth.
WildCare Institute Saint Louis Zoo
The WildCare Institute is dedicated to
creating a sustainable future for Wildlife
and for people around the world.
Saint Louis Zoo is a world leader in saving
endangered species and their habitats.
Many of the animals you will see at the Zoo
are threatened in the wild by shrinking
habitats, disease and poaching.
The need for conservation is greater than
ever, with one vertebrate species
disappearing from the earth every day.
Ultimately, we need to save the ecosystems
on which animals and humans depends.